What is the treatment?2018-09-12T20:01:43+00:00

Anesthesia Assisted Opioid Detoxification involves inducing an opioid withdrawal state with the opioid antagonist naloxone. This medication essentially displaces the opioids within your body, initiating an accelerated withdrawal process. While under anesthesia our patients don’t endure the intense withdrawal symptoms they experience in traditional detoxification treatments. Additionally, we perform this treatment in a state-of-the-art, hospital-level facility utilizing the latest equipment and medications  to ensure maximal patient safety.

How does it work?2018-09-17T17:57:07+00:00

The administration of naloxone displaces the opioids from the opiate receptors which immediately  initiates an intense withdrawal state allowing the opiate receptors to begin the healing process.

This is not a complete treatment, but the initial and perhaps most difficult step on the road to breaking the shackles of opioid dependency

Will this treatment stress my system?2018-09-17T17:57:51+00:00

Yes, withdrawal from opioids is an intense physiologic condition that can be exquisitely painful and may last for a week or more.  It is therefore imperative that a board certified anesthesiologist and addiction specialist perform this treatment. Our physicians are uniquely trained to recognize and treat any problems that may occur during this treatment to ensure maximal safety.

Who would be a good candidate for this treatment?2018-09-17T17:58:41+00:00

Any individual that desires to break the shackles of opioid dependency without the pain and suffering of traditional detoxification methods.

How do I prepare for this treatment?2018-09-17T18:39:02+00:00

All prospective patients will meet with our treatment team to asses their suitability for anesthesia assisted opioid detoxification.  All suitable candidates that elect to go forward will undergo a complete multidisciplinary evaluation to develop a personalized and optimized opioid dependency treatment plan.

What are the benefits?2018-09-17T18:42:40+00:00

All patients will achieve 100% opioid  detoxification in a compassionate, efficient and effective manner.

What are potential risks/complications/ side effects?2018-09-17T18:45:08+00:00

The potential risks are equivalent to a typical general anesthesic for a  routine surgical procedure. For perspective the risk of driving car to your initial evaluation is inherently more dangerous than the general anesthesia for this procedure. Every effort is made to mitigate all potential risks and ensure maximum safety at all times.

Will I experience any pain during treatment?2018-09-17T18:47:05+00:00

You will not experience pain during the treatment.  When you awake you will feel tired and experience “flu like” symptoms that may persist for a day or more.  If you suffer from chronic pain, an opioid-free pain management regimen will be created for you.

Who will be monitoring me during treatment?2018-09-17T18:47:50+00:00

Dr. Atoian and Dr. Bowles have advanced training in anesthesia-assisted opioid detoxification and will be monitoring you throughout the procedure. Both physicians are double board-certified in Anesthesiology and Addiction Medicine.

What is the cost for this treatment?2018-09-06T18:21:03+00:00


Does my insurance cover this treatment?2018-09-12T20:04:59+00:00


Is there an age restriction?2018-09-06T18:21:54+00:00

This treatment is for anyone over the age of 18 years old.

What happens after treatment?2018-09-17T18:49:35+00:00

After treatment you will be medically monitored.  When appropriate, a long acting naltrexone will be administered before being transferred to a facility that specializes in helping people rebuild their opioid free future.

Will I wake up clean or cured?2018-09-17T18:50:28+00:00

All patients will wake up 100% detoxified from opioids. However, without question this is just the first step to living a life free of opioids. After successful detoxification all patients will be referred to long-term treatment program to continue the rehabilitation process and help take back control of their lives.

Will I relapse?2018-09-17T18:51:31+00:00

Relapse is always a possibility. All of our patients will receive a long acting naltrexone injection after the procedure to limit cravings and decrease the risks associated with relapse. Each patient will be bridged to long-term treatment program to help them understand the physiology and psychology of dependency as well as to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that lead to relapse. Ultimately each of us is responsible for our own actions but we strive to give all of our patients the tools necessary to break the shackles of opioid dependency and take back control of their lives.

How is this different from traditional rehab?2018-09-17T18:52:49+00:00

This treatment allows individuals to achieve 100% opioid detoxification efficiently without the prolonged suffering associated with traditional detoxification methods. We are making no claims that this is a complete treatment but is just the first step in the process to achieving a drug free future.

Do I go home same day?2018-09-17T18:53:45+00:00

No. All of our patients will be observed overnight and transferred  to a rehabilitation facility that specializes in helping people rebuild their lives from the chains of opioid dependency.

Why should this disease be addressed medically?2018-09-17T18:54:29+00:00

This is a medical disease which in most cases was caused by the medical profession. We believe that anesthesia assisted opioid detoxification is a compassionate route to fighting this disease and achieve 100% detoxification without pain and suffering.

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